Elemental War 0.9.3

It’s time for another update and we have some really cool stuff for you again!
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It’s time for another update and we have some really cool stuff for you again!


Version 0.9.3 introduces some really new cool features focussing on the alliances and community features in general.

Alliance Challenges

In 0.9.2 we already introduced alliances and a few alliances already have been founded. Now, in 0.9.3, we added challenges for the alliances. The leader of an alliance can configure a game configuration (game mode, difficulty, element mode and map) and a time frame for the challenge. Every other alliance can participate in this challenge. While the challenge is running all score for this configuration are not added to the normal leaderboard, but instead collected for this challenge. When the challenge is over the alliance with the highest score wins and earns some points in the new alliance leaderboard and some gold for the alliance chest. The gold is not relevant yet, but will become relevant in one of the next updates. The challenges will be a lot of fun, so try it out and send us your feedback!

News Feed

In the main menu of Elemental War we added a news section in 0.9.3. On top you’ll always see the version highlights, explained by one of the characters in Elemental War. So even when not reading the changelog in the update news or the readme file in the download folder you will be able to see at least the hightlights.
Below that you can see a new news feed with the last events happening in the game, e.g. new alliances, changes in the top 3 of the leaderboard, new challenges and more. That way you will always be able to directly see what’s happening in general and also things that are interesting for you or your alliance.

Full changelog:


  • for the country settings the corresponding national flag now is displayed
  • added news section in main menu
  • added an alliance leaderboard
  • it is possible now to select a monster and set it as global target for all towers
  • improved look of quest view
  • alliances now can create challenges and participate in them
  • restarting a game is now also possible from highscore panel at the end of a game
  • restructured alliance menu and moved it to main menu
  • moved statistics button to profile
  • added new score ranks showing a new rank based on the sum of the scores over all maps
  • enabled new quests in Hero Mode


  • fixed empty map when choosing random map
  • it is not possible anymore to sell same tower multiple times
  • names in the member list of alliances now are displayed correctly
  • one can now get the last crystal for the last element in Hero Mode
  • when clicking on cancel on the hint for login on first startup login menu now really isn’t opened
  • now there are also visually only three item slots
  • fixed several display errors here and there
  • ability “Sacrificer” now ignores ghost lights, frozen treasures and gas bubbles
  • path texture in iceworld now is correct
  • restarting a game now properly stops special events in settings
  • fixed selection marker for frozen treasure for Lichlord quest
  • fixed bug that sometimes caused invisible enemies to be displayed incorrectly
  • scrolling in dropdowns is much faster now

We hope you’ll enjoy the new update and are looking forward to get feedback on the new features! So let us know what you think, either in the forums or in our new Discord channel at https://discord.gg/bwnuXq9

The next update will be released in three weeks (December 21st) instead of the usual two weeks as I’m on business trip for my day job for the next 10 days. I’ll try to look into the forums and discord as often as possible. The update will focus on improving the existing features and add some new quality of life stuff like the new target modes for towers.