Elemental War


Elemental War takes Tower Defenses to a new level with exciting multiplayer matches, dozens of hours of single-player gameplay, and lots of indie love!

What players say:

“If you are a Tower Defense addict, get Elemental War.” – Steam Review

“This is shaping out to be the best, most challenging and unique Tower Defense game I have played.” – Steam Review

Are you ready for the next level of Tower Defense games?

Epic multiplayer battles

Whether it’s 1-on-1 or team-on-team: in the fast-paced multiplayer duels, every decision counts! While you’re constantly sending monster troops to your opponent, you can’t neglect your own defense. With each level up you can choose from dozens of skills to best support your playing style.

Endless single-player gaming fun

Three innovative game modes, five difficulty levels, seven scenarios, countless maps and enemy types – the single player offers you everything you need for long-term gaming fun. Compete in rankings with your friends and players from your city, your country and the whole world – and check out how the best play via detailed rankings.

Easy to use level editor

Create your own maps in the included editor and publish them with one click so everyone can play them!

Direct line to the developers

Are you struggling with problems or have ideas to improve the game? Contact us directly! Since the beginning of Early Access we publish updates with fixes and enhancements every two weeks – including many suggestions we received directly from you.


65 different towers from a Ballista to a Volcano
3 singleplayer modes: Classic Mode, Survival Mode, Hero Mode
47 items from a Mithril Chassis to Deadly Poison Bombs
48 monster abilities from Gold Rush to Invincibility
7 settings from desert to ice world
21 different skills in multiplayer with multiple upgrades
107 different monsters containing 21 elementals
13 quests for bonus items in Hero Mode