Elemental War 0.9.2

Our second update for Elemental War is arriving today and we have some cool stuff in it.
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Our second update for Elemental War is arriving today and we have some cool stuff in it.


Version 0.9.2 contains to big new features and several smaller ones that will improve gameplay. The highlights will focus on the big ones, see the full changelog at the bottom for the rest.

Setting Special Events

In Hero Mode you will now have at least one special event per environment. Swamp and Grassland already got two. The events can be both positive and negative for the player and will add some more variety.

Such special events can be everything. For example in grassland a Griffon can fly across the map and catch any monster as its prey and fly away with it. In swamp enemies can get stuck for a short time randomly.

So there are already 8 of them implemented and we have some more ideas. If you also have ideas or opinions about this feature, let us know in our discussions.


We already announced it a few weeks ago, now the first step is done. In 0.9.2 you can found an own alliance or join an existing one. So far you just can browse your alliance members, color your own name and as alliance admin the one of the alliance and see the alliance name in the leaderboard for your scores and those of other alliance members.
This is the base for the upcoming alliance features because 0.9.3 will then introduce the alliance challenges that will allow you to challenge other alliances (obvious, isn’t it?). Such a challenge will be e.g. to reach the highest score in a specified time frame in a specified game configuration (game mode, difficulty, random or chosen elements, map). You will also be able to buy modifiers to make the challenge more difficult for your opponent.

So stay tuned, this will become a really nice addition and you can already prepare for the challenges by founding and joining alliances and group up with your friends.

Full changelog:


  • introduced new statistic: Solved Quests
  • build menu isn’t closed anymore when building tower while Left Shift is pressed
  • tower upgrades now show a difference to the current tower for damage, range, attack speed and damage per second
  • culture info now is configurable
  • normal maps now are also unlocked for Hero Mode, random generated maps for Classic and Survival Mode
  • added possibility to directly restart a game without needing to go back to main menu
  • added dices on Gambling tower showing the bonus damage
  • introduced profile page
  • added alliance system: you now can found and join alliances and get the alliance tag added to your leaderboard entries
  • added first special events in Hero Mode
  • it is visible now that post processing settings are disabled when post processing itself is disabled
  • unlocked a new quest
  • in the profile you can now select your country to filter leaderboards for this country and only show scores of players from there
  • enable background music in tutorials as there is no dubbing yet


  • upgrade menu now can be closed via right click and same shortcut as it is opened with
  • towers now can also be upgraded when selected via selection rectangle in case it’s just one tower or all towers are the same type
  • zooming on Linux might be better now
  • hp in monster info screen now are scaled now if text is too long
  • message “Crystal Received” doesn’t appear twice anymore in Hero Mode

We hope you enjoy the new update. Feel free to leave your opinions and ideas either as comment, in the forums or ingame using the feedback button. The next update will be available in two weeks.