Elemental War 0.9.17

Four weeks left until we release Elemental War and we’re perfectly in time.
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Four weeks left until we release Elemental War and we’re perfectly in time.


With update 0.9.17 we added some improvements to help with understanding what certain UI elements mean. We also added full controller support for the map editor and a lot of achievements.


We now have a total of 58 achievements in the game with 7 more to come as we add the remaining quests. We have different types of achievements as you can see in the achievement list. The green ones are those that are hard to unlock. Blue ones are for the score ranks. The red ones are the achievements you get when you complete a quest and the purple ones for “tutorial” achievements that are easy to unlock just by playing/trying out basic stuff.

We hope you have fun with all of them and happy achievement hunting.


The editor got some improvements and now also has full controller support. That means Elemental War in total now has full controller support. If you still find some issues or something isn’t easy enough to use, please contact us.

Mod Support

For all users that play without Steam we now added the possibility to play all mods too. So just start the game with a internet connection, go to the level selection menu, switch to mods and choose one of them.

Full changelog


  • added label to drawing board for quest ‘Knowledge acquired at school, refreshed’
  • added tooltip for hidden achievements so it’s clear they are hidden
  • added notification sound when player joins lobby
  • added controller support to Editor
  • none Steam users now can also download maps
  • added path preview to challenge
  • total score used for score rank now is displayed in tooltip as well
  • added a lot of new achievements


  • playing singleplayer challenges works again properly
  • tried a fix for black minimap on Linux
  • reduced amount of network messages in Clash Mode
  • fixed error happening sometimes when starting a second game during a session that could cause game start to break
  • changing target/status type with multi selection now shows the correct icon
  • opening the settings from the ingame menu is faster now
  • fixed tooltip of target change button changing back to previous one when selecting it
  • field marker for Net and Moral Boost skill are removed now when effect is applied
  • fixed controller cursor being below multiplayer info screen in-game

What’s next?

In the next four weeks we will focus on testing, bug fixing, optimization and marketing.
Besides that we want to add the remaining 7 quests. They are basically written down, but need to be reviewed and implemented.
We’re also going to add more monster sounds and also add and improve some of the existing sounds.

In the meantime you can watch our “Dev Play” of the Classic Mode of Elemental War:

If you have any balancing concerns or bugs, please let us know, either as comment, in the discussions, via the Feedback functionality ingame or on Discord​.