Elemental War 0.9.15

Just 8 weeks left until our full release on July 19th! And we’re still busy polishing the game.
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Just 8 weeks left until our full release on July 19th! And we’re still busy polishing the game.


In update 0.9.15 controller support got big improvements and there have been some more quality of life additions, bugfixes and performance improvements.

Controller Support

If you’re using a controller, you’re now able again to use everything in the main menu again. Well, everything except the leaderboards which will come in 0.9.16. All other menus worked in our tests. We didn’t test ingame stuff again yet, this will be part of 0.9.16 and maybe 0.9.17 if it’s as much work as the main menu.

If you have a controller, feel free to test around a little either in the menus or ingame and share your results with us.

Quality of Life

On the QoL side we added different things. There were feature requests to add the tower kills to the info screen and damage indicators above the monsters. Both features are now part of Elemental War. The damage indicators though have to be enabled in the Game settings as they’re optional.

Besides that it’s now possible to start the editor from the game and vice versa. In the game there’s an entry in the main menu. In the editor you now have the “Test map” option which will start the game.


We removed the tutorials back in 0.9.13 as we weren’t really happy with them. Now we integrated parts of the old tutorial into your first game(s). This also affects players that already played the old tutorials or inbetween. You’ll get some basic informations how some of the stuff works. We’ll check what else might be worth to be explained and add more infos in the next updates.

If you have ideas what shall be explained or you don’t know how to do something, feel free to share your experiences.

Full changelog


  • added an easteregg
  • tower kills now are shown in tower info screen
  • when a player leaves a multiplayer game, all other players now get a notification
  • when getting kicked from a multiplayer game due to a timeout player now gets notified
  • added optional damage indicators
  • added some statistics for Kartridge
  • on Discord you can see now some infos when playing Elemental War
  • game now can be started from editor to test a map
  • editor now can be started from the game main menu
  • added Credits page
  • added some more monster sounds
  • it’s possible to see some first tooltips easily now using controller
  • integrated some tutorial infos in the normal game flow


  • performance improvements
  • during restart of a map loading screen is shown again
  • fixed some rare errors in different code locations
  • alliance names with <big> tag in the name now are visible in the flag tooltip in the leaderboards
  • fixed bug with Shadow Golem when corresponding Ritual Site was sold/upgraded
  • rotation of spheres in multiplayer for team 2 should be correct now
  • Stun attack effect looks better now
  • fixed several issues when shutting down the game
  • fixed several controller bugs in main menu
  • closing and re-opening on screen keyboard properly deselects last used button
  • fixed bug that caused all UI elements on Mac to be invisible when using an own shader
  • weird random bug when starting a game should be fixed now
  • rank tooltips won’t be shown anymore fore empty slots
  • joining alliance works again
  • rank for Classic Mode in alliance overview now is displayed correctly
  • join alliance button now visible in help menu

What’s next?

0.9.16 will further improve controller usage and add the missing leaderboards in the main menu and start to improve the ingame controls. Besides that we’ll further improve the performance and of course fix all bugs you report or we find in the meantime.

And in case you have other QoL features you’re missing or anything else, share it with us and we’ll see if it’s feasible for us.

If you have any other ideas, whishes, balancing concerns or bugs, please let us know, either as comment, in the discussions, via the Feedback functionality ingame or on Discord​.