Closed Beta

Apply now for the Closed Beta of Elemental War!


We are looking for beta testers for our tower defense game Elemental War! You can find out why you should apply and what awaits you here.


Why are we looking for you for the Closed Beta?

We are a young company with ony a few, but all the more committed employees who have implemented the tower defense game they have always dreamed of in recent years. This dream is about to be released. What we need now are independent opinions – and that’s where you come in! If you know and love tower defense and roguelike games, we’re interested in what strengths and weaknesses you can find in Elemental War. So sign up today – the seats are limited!


What do we expect from you?

We hope that you will give us feedback that reflects your genuine impressions. You can search for the following categories and use the in-game reporting function to let us know what you notice:

  • Bugs: Anything that doesn’t work the way it should – small and big bugs in the game.
  • Feature ideas: You think something is missing or you have an idea to make the game even better?
  • Balancing: No tower combination, no ability may be overpowered or ineffective.

So you should also bring a little time, spread over several months. You don’t have to meet a set time schedule, but only regular tests will help us progress.


What do you get out of it?

  • You are playing Elemental War in a largely bug-free state, but before it is available. You’ll be involved live in the development of an ambitious title and can come up with ideas for features you’ve always wanted in a tower defense game!
  • The five beta testers with the most helpful feedback will receive a free version for the release. All other beta testers are granted a 50% discount on the finished game.
  • You will receive an evaluation of your statistics, which you can enter in future applications: How many bugs and feature ideas you contributed, how many of your ideas were implemented, how long you were active.


How do you apply?

Very uncomplicated: Send us an email to why you are suitable for us as a beta tester, and you will receive an answer from us within a few days.