Elemental War is now available!

Elemental War is now available to buy on Steam & itch.io!
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What can you expect?

  • Three different game modes in singleplayer, each with different requirements: Classic Mode, Survival Mode, Hero Mode
  • More than 50 items and monster abilities in Hero Mode
  • 6 settings from desert to graveyard
  • Rankings: detailed leaderboards of players

What will be next?

As Elemental War just starts in Early Access today, there’ll be many updates in the future. Besides using the feedback you give us, we of course have our own plans to further improve the game. Here’s a list of the most important stuff that’s planned in the near future:

  • More Quests and Items: in Hero Mode you can unlock new items by solving quests. Actually there are just 5 quest available (they aren’t easy, so you won’t get them solved that easily), but we will add many more during the next updates to unlock all items that are already part of the game and add new items, too
  • Side quest, that will give a boost for the current game session when completed
  • More Sounds and Effects
  • Full Controller support: playing with controller basically works, but there’s enough room for improvements
  • Abilities and Special Events in the different settings: we offer you 6 different settings so far, but they just have a different look yet. The plan is to add some abilities and special events to the settings for Hero Mode to make them more unique. Such abilities can be e.g. higher chance of causing a status change on monsters in the ice world, while a special event can be an ice storm that reduces the range of your towers but also slows down enemies
  • Community Features: We want to push both competition between players and also cooperation.
    • The first step will be to introduce special ranks in the leaderboard (so the better your overall score is the better your special rank will be).
    • As soon as we reached enough players we will unlock new regions for players to join. The idea is to be able to compare your scores with people that live in the same country, area or even city than you do
    • The biggest part will be alliances: You can connect with other players and join a group and be able to cooperate and compete in new ways

Bugs, Feedback and more

For bugs and feedback we have a great ingame reporting functionality. This of course doesn’t allow for discussions. We enabled a discussion here on our page. There will also be the Steam discussion forums for the game available if you prefer them. We’ll try to be present in both as much as possible:


As we’re in Early Access we want to hear your feedback on anything. May it be bugs, new ideas or stuff we should improve, everything is welcome.

You can access Elemental War on Steam and itch.io.

And now have fun in Elemental War!