Elemental War 1.2.0

The new Elemental War update is now available and adds several new maps!
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​The new Elemental War update is now available and adds several new maps! The half has been submitted by our community during our map contest, the other half are maps from the team.

Besides that there were the usual improvements and fixes. We discovered a huge bug that caused the wrong lighting settings being used. It doesn’t make a difference on the visual side, but might affect performance on some systems (so it’s probably better now). Couldn’t measure a big difference on my machine in the benchmark though, but my fps are weird for a while now, I guess it’s some driver issue.

Full changelog


  • added 10 maps from the community into the official map pool
  • added 10 maps from the developers into the official map pool
  • improved performance when changing global volume
  • privacy policy now can be opened from profile
  • cloned towers being selected via multi-select can’t be sold and upgraded anymore
  • Charisma monsters aren’t switched with every attack now as long as they stay in range


  • fixed error when monster has exactly 1000000 HP
  • fixed missing text during upload of a map in the editor
  • fixed bug in editor that caused way to be used twice for some crossings
  • fixed error in English translation of „Fully charged“ achievement
  • fixed wrong lighting settings being used (might improve performance under certain circumstances)

What’s next?

The next weeks/months we’re mainly working on the Xbox port of Elemental War. We will keep up the updates for the PC version as long as bugs occur or there is something to improve. Some of the stuff we need to implement for Xbox will also be interesting for the PC version, so you can expect it to be available there too and even earlier.

If you have any balancing concerns or bugs, please let us know, either as comment, in the discussions, via the Feedback functionality ingame or on Discord​.